Digital Ammeter


D series intellective electric meter(Digital Ammeter、Digital Voltmeter、Frequency Meter、Tachometer and so on)is a type of multifunctional composite type meter, it apply to electric power and electric network, field monitoring and display of automatic control systems and remote control and measurement of automatic dispatch telemechanical device,its function is to output  standard current or voltage transfer signal using CPU operation electric network’s parameter, such as current、voltage、3 phase power、frequency and so on,and then A/D’s conversion. Also this meter has RS232 or RS485 communication interface be joined with long range data terminal TRU.

Ⅱ、Main technical specification

1、Accuracy Class: 0.5%F·S±1B

2、Display Digit:4

3、Reference Input:AC /AV:0~5A/0~500V   volts D.C.:0~199.9V   0~1000V

4、Power consumption:≤3W

5、Working power:AC85~242V,50/60HZ

6、Working circumstance:0~50℃,relative humidity≤85%,without corrode and electric radiation

Ⅲ、Panel board and connection

1、Panel board


The panel board function of each model can follow the above drawing .




1、Interior parameter(only Current、Voltage model meter have this parameter)




Setting range



0 LocK

Electronic lock


Lock=18all the parameter can be Revised.  





Display precision


dp0the decimal doesn’t display

dp1the decimal in tens

dp2the decimal in hundreds

dp3the decimal in thousands




Set upper limit Setting range determined by dpis in turn 9.999


2、Operational flowchart


3、connect according to the connection, the instrument will test by itself for 1S.

4、Interior parameter setting(parameter definition refer to parameter sheet)

Press SET key for 3S to enter the Interior parameter setting state,it display parameter code first,and then display parameter value after 2s,press▲、▼ to modify parameter value,and press SET to save and enter the next parameter setting ,exit till the setting finished. If not press any key ,it will save and exit automatically. 

5、★current、voltage mode:if the meter display has warp,you can press ‘SET’&▲&▼key at one time to clear.(please be cautious to use this function).

Ⅴ、Meaning of the model code

D □  □-□□   □- □

①   ②    ③    ④     ⑤     ⑥     

①:Series number L:Current model  Y:Voltage model   F-frequency   R-revolving speed

②:External dimension and Installation hole(mm):

T:160×80×85  156×76       A:96×96×90    92×92      D:72×72×90    68×68     

E:48×96×75    44×92       F:96×48×75    92×44       G:48×48×105   44×44

③:3-key soft push-switch setting, single row digital display,

④: Control output:  0: No alarm   1: A alarm   3: Two alarms  4: PID bit control  

5: PID solid-state control  6: PID SCR phase shifter control  7: PID SCR zero-crossing control
8: SCR three-phase zero-crossing control  9:4 ~ 20mA control output
⑤: The input nominal value:
No: AC current 5A input, the AC current for 0-9999 arbitrary setting, apply to all transformer       ammeter;   AC voltage for 0-500.0VAC;   

10: 0 ~ 10A  400: 0 ~ 400V  0.2: 0 ~ 200mA
⑥: Suffix: K-  RS485 communication function

Ⅵ、Fault Analysis and Clearance

Sheet 6-1 Common fault handling

fault symptom analysis of causes Disposal  measurement
The power on is unusual 1poor contact of power cord  

2power switch without lose

Check the power
Signal display do not correlate with the facts.(displayHHor0’) 1、Input nominal value overtop or under the meter’s display range Check the input value

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