SNG Double Time Control Intelligent Time Relay

SNG intelligent time relay is intelligent double row four-LED display meter, it is operated with three-keys, have the function of single setting、double setting time. Parameters set isfast, symbols display is  simple. The meter adopts the imported super anti-chip design, quality is reliable.

Ⅰ、Technical specification:

Clock accuracy:class 0.005%F.S

Relay output contact capacity: AC220V 5A (resistance load)

Work power :AC85~242V 50/60Hz

Time range:0~9999second or 0~9999minute

Work environment: temperature 0~50℃, humidity≤85%RH  without corrode and strong electric radiation

Overall size and installation hole (mm):  48×48×90 ;   44×44

Ⅱ、Panel description(consult)


Ⅲ、Operation the instrument

Electrify after taking into the power and control circuit according to the connection scheme,and then the instrument start testing itself for 1 second.

Connect the reset terminal, the meter start timing, timing is operated on accordance with the meter parameters; disconnect the reset terminal, the meter time clears. When the OUT indicator of the panel is on, the meter terminals 7,8 have output.

Press the SET key 3S enter into the setting area, the meter will display the parameter code 1~4 in the window at the upper row and display the parameter data at the lower row. In this time press the ▲ or ▼ key to adjust the parameter data, then press the SET key to preserve. If within 10 seconds do not press every key then it will automatically to preserve the data and withdraw the setting.

The time relay has memory function when power is cut, when the power failure  phenomena is arising in the use course,  the next charged with electricity,the meter automatically continue working from the last power-off  time.

Ⅳ、Parameter code


Connection Scheme(consult):


Note: Our company will continue to improve product technology, design specification. If change, please subject to the material object, without notice.

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