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JSS20-48-(2*99HMS) Digital Time Display Relay is the type of prolonging the connection with the electricity and one of the newly control instruments during these years,The relay adopt CPU and 4-LED display,it applies component AC 60HZ,operating voltage is 220V ,and control the circuit during the scheduled time.

Ⅰ、Technical Index

1、Display method:4-LED display directly the time;

2、Distinguish ability: 1s、1min、1h;

3、Control Range:1S~99H;

4、Setting method:Second(S)、Minute(M)、hour(H)can set by selection freely;

4、Power supply:AC85~242V/24V   50Hz  

5、Power consumption:﹤3W 

6、Output trigger capacity:AC220V  3A(resistance negative carry)

7、Working circumstance:temperature 0~50℃,humidity﹤85%RH without corrosive gas situation.


According to the dimension open a hole in the installation hole, install the time relay into the installation hole with a frame.

Overall dimension(mm):48×48×125         Hole size(mm):45×45

Ⅲ、Panel and connection(consult)


Ⅳ、Method to use

1、As the relay has the memorial function,it should be valid till setting the time before opening the power The discontinuous time of the relay’s repeat starting should be more than or be equal to 0.5 second.

2、Set all the switches,open the power ,it displays and start timing until the scheduled time. As the contact changes,the time control is over.

3、open the power ,a couple of LED at left side start timing ,the time relay’s ‘general’ 、‘lower’ is connect, ‘general’、‘higher’is disconnect,until time out of the scheduled time at left side,the time relay’s‘general’、‘lower’is disconnect,‘general’、‘higher’is connect;at one time ,a couple of LED at right side start timing,until time out of the scheduled time at right side,the time relay’s‘general’、‘lower’is connect, ‘general’、‘higher’disconnect;at one time left side start timing again,circle control like this.

4、Reposition function:Any time to switch on reposition terminal ,the relay will return to the original state.

5、Pause function:during the work time ,switch on the pause terminal,the timing will pause and displays the current time and prompt sign ‘P’. After then start timing again it can accumulate time.

6、During the strong electric power environment and the long wire of reposition terminal, and pause terminal ,please use shield lead.

7、Don’t input voltage to Reposition terminal and pause terminal in order to avoid damaging product.

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