TE-01 Single Pointer Temperature Controller

The TE-01 series temperature controller applies special technique to resist interference and method of ON/OFF control. The adjusters are nice-looking in style, easy for use cheap in price, providing a relatively high comparability between performance and price, widely used in the plastic machinery, packing machines, food-processing machinery as well as the light industrial, textile printing and dyeing industries which require the control on the temperature.

A.Technical specification:

1.Input:  K

2.Range: 0 to 400℃

3.Accuracy: ≤ 1.5%FS ±1B

4.Contact capacity: 220VAC, 5A(dissipative load)

5.Power voltage: AC85~242V  50Hz/60Hz

6.Size: 48×48×100mm;  Installation hole: 44×44mm

7.Environment: temperature: 0~50℃; humidity: less then 85% RH

B.Connection Scheme(consult):  


C.  Method to use:

Connect the power and the sensor according to the connection Scheme,then it displays the actual measure temperature.

The terminals of ‘1’, ‘2’ are input of thermocouple signal(K), the terminals of ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’ are relay control output. ‘6’is higher, ‘7’is general, ‘8’ is lower. The terminal of ‘9’, ‘10’ are power supply (AC85~242V).

When the temperature-setting is higher than the indicated value, the general and lower voltages are connected, while general and higher voltages are disconnected with green indicator bulb lighting up; the setting is lower than the actual indication, the general-lower voltages are disconnected and the general-higher voltages are connected with the red indicator bulb lighting up.

D.  Other explanation

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