XMT-3000 Series Single Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

XMT*- 3000 Series digital display temperature control instrument

Instruction Manual

XMT*-3000 Series temperature control instrument can replace the traditional pull yards -type or potentiometer type digital display meter, which uses the touch buttons can freely set, single-row LED display, with a fixed PID control or NO/OFF return difference control can elect, and return difference is adjustable, also have sensor error correction function. The instrument have a reliable control performance, cost-effective and wide application and so on.

Ⅰ、Technical Indexs:

1、Input type and measuring range:

 K(0~1300℃)  E(0~800℃) S(400~1600℃)  J(0~1000℃)

B(800~1800℃)Pt100(-50.0~200.0℃; -200~600℃)   Cu50(-50.0~150.0℃)

Note: The instrument input type and measuring range subject to the meter label.

2、Display accuracy:±1%F·S±1B    Additional cold junction compensation error≤2℃

3、Control mode:ON/OFF control(return difference is adjustable)or PID control

4、Setting range of return difference: 1~20℃,

5、Control proportion band(P):±9℃ or ±0.9℃ when temperature display has decimal point.

6、PID control period:30 seconds

7、Sensor error translation scope amendment:-20~20℃

8、Output mode:Relay contact capacity AC220V/5A; Drivng solid relay signal:driving electric current ≥ 15mA,voltage ≥ 9V

9、Power:AC85~242V  50Hz/60Hz   

Power consumption: less than 3W or other according to customer requirement

10、Work environment:temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅱ、Instrument panel(consult):


Parameter setting

3.1Set value of temperatureUnder the normal display state, directly press the data increasing key(▲)or data decreasing key(▼)to display the temperature set value, this time press (▲) or (▼) key to change the temperature set value, long pressing enables the data fast plus or minus. Without any operating conditions, the set value flashes 8 times and returnto normal display status.

3.2Parameter modificationUnder the normal display state, at the same time pressing(▲)and(▼)can display the sensor error correction symbol “SC”, in three seconds pressing (▲) or (▼) key will display and can modify the parameter value; if then again pressing(▲)and(▼)can display the control return difference symbol “HY”, in three seconds pressing (▲) or (▼) key will display and can modify the parameter value; again press the (▲) and (▼) key to exit and return to the the normal display status. 

When display parameter symbol, in 3 seconds without any operation, the meter will return to the normal display; in the display parameters cases, if the set value flashes 8 times without any operation,the meter also will return to normal display.

3.3Contro modeDisconnect the meter control selection terminals,the meter is two place control; Connect the meter control selection terminals,the meter will automatically switch to PID control.

Control Output

When the meter is ON/OFF control:

When the measured temperature value < (set value-return difference ),the relay total and low pass, total and high cut, while OUT indicator is light, the heater work;

When the measured temperature value >(set value+return difference ),the relay total and low cut, total and high pass, while OUT indicator is out, the heater stop working;

When the meter is PID control:The meter implement control output according to the fixed PID value and control cycle.

Model Sense

XMT □ - 3 □ □ □ -Suffix

    2  3  4

Blank 1External size and Installation hole(mm):   ‘Empty’:80×160×80  76×152;     

‘S’:160×80×80   152×76;   ‘A’:96×96×80    92×92;    ‘B’:60×120×105  56×114;  

‘E’:48×96×80   44×92;     ‘F’:96×48×80    92×44;    ‘D’:72×72×100   68×68;     

 ‘G’:48×48×90   44×44;‘K’:24×48×90    23×45      

Blank 2Control output mode:

‘0’: two place control,relay output;  ‘4’: fixed PID control,relay output;

‘5’: Drivng solid relay signaloutput;   7’: Drivng SCR zero passed pulse signal output

Blank 3Alarm mode: ‘0’:no alarm;    ‘1’:one upper limit alarm;

Blank 4Input mode:  ‘1’: Thermocouple;  ‘2’: resistance    

Suffix:‘D’: 30A high-power relay output


When the meter display window display “-HH-” or “-LL-”, indicate that the channel sensor measured value overload or the sensor have been bad, should examine and repair the sensor, if the sensor have no trouble, please check that the selected sensor is consistent with the meter input type.

Wiring diagram (consult)


Note: Our company will continue to improve product technology, design specification. If change, please subject to the material object, without notice.