XMT-9007-8 Intelligent PID Temperature And Humidity Controller

. General introduction

The XMT 9007-8 temperature & humidity instrument is an intelligence instrument based on the computer technique. It adopts a 2-row LED display and synchronous display the humidity and drying temperature measured value. The user can choose below functions:

1.1、Sensor: PT100 sensor for temperature measurement, PT100 or high molecular sensor for the humidity measurement.

1.2、Control mode: PID or ON/OFF control mode for heating and humidification output, it is alternative. Cooling can set to delay output function.

1.3、Serial communication: The instrument can communicate with the computer to realize the computer on the instrument’s remote control by installing the RS485 serial communication module. Using MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

1.4、Print function: The instrument installs printing module, it can regularly print the recorded temperature and humidity sampled values.

II. Main Technical Specifications

2.1、Accuracy: Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5%F.S±1B(between 25~35ºC; 30% ~70%)  

Humidity measurement accuracy: ±1%F.S±1B

2.2、Temperature measurement range:-50.0-150.0℃  Humidity valid range: 0% ~ 99% RH

2.3、Relay output contact capacity: 220VAC/5A (resistive load)

2.4、Work Power: AC85~242V  50/60Hz     Power consumption less than 5W

2.5、Work environment: temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

. The panel specification(consult):   


. Inner parameters

1 2 3 4

The first menu

The second menu:(Print parameters)


Ⅴ、Instrument operation:

5.1、According to the instrument wiring diagram, correct wiring to the instrument, then power on,  the instrument enter the normal display status after check itself for 1S, the upper window displays the measured humidity value,the lower row window displays the measured temperature value.

5.2、The first menu setting: Press SET key for 3s to enter into parameters modification state, this time the upper row digital tube display parameter symbol, the lower row digital tube display parameter value,then press▲ or ▼ to modify the current parameter value, long pressing ▲ or ▼ key can quickly increase or decrease. After modifying, press SET key to save and enter into next parameter modification state,.if in the setting process within 10S have no any operation, the instrument will automatically save settings and exit parameters modification state.

5.3、The second menu parameters (print parameters) setting: In the normal display mode, pressing the SET + ▼ + ▲ key, the instrument will enter to the print parameters modification state, the modification method is same towith “5.2, The first menu setting.”

5.4、Quickly exit: At the first menu parameters modification state, pressing the SET + ▲ key can immediately exit parameters modification state.

Ⅵ、Setting itself

When the meter is used at the first time or the condition changes, the control performance will turn bad. In this condition, the parameters, such as P、I、D, should be reset,the setting method are as below:

After setting the set value, set“HY1”to be 0.5~1.0℃, set “AT1″ for 1,the meter enter into the setting itself state, and the meter is operating ON/OFF control;After two vibrations, the meter save  P、I、D parameters automatically, meanwhile, “AT1″ parameter is changed to 0 automatically. The process of setting itself is over.

Note: ①If the power goes off when the meter is setting itself, as the meter have memory function, it will restart setting itself next time.

②During setting itself, if the setting should be exit artificially, set “AT1” is 0, then can exit, but if that, the setting result will be no effect.

Ⅶ、Control description

7.1、Heating control:

When the parameter P1 = 0:

Temperature measured value ≥ C1HY1,at the time the panel heating indicator light is out, heating control have no output;

Temperature measured value ≤ C1HY1,at the time the panel heating indicator light is light, heating control have output;

When C1HY1 < Temperature measured value < C1HY1, for instrument heating return difference control area.

When the parameter P1 ≠ 0, the instrument heating implement PID control.

7.2、Humidifying control

When the parameter P2=0:

Humidity measured value ≥ RHHY2,at the time the panel humidifying indicator light is out, humidifying control have no output;

Humidity measured value ≤ RHHY2,at the time the panel humidifying indicator light is light, humidifying control have output;

When RHHY2< Humidity measured value < C1HY1, for instrument humidifying return difference control area.

When the parameter P2 ≠ 0, the instrument humidifying implement PID control.

7.3、Cooling output:

Temperature measured value ≥ C2tb,at the time the panel cooling indicator light is light, cooling control have output;

Temperature measured value ≤ C2tb,at the time the panel cooling indicator light is out, cooling control have no output;

When C2tb< Temperature measured value <C2tb,for instrument cooling return difference control area.

Ⅷ、Connection scheme (consult)


Wiring diagram is only for reference, please subject to the meter’s wiring diagram

Note: R, T and GND, if have an external micro-printer, please see the printer manual and then wire.

Ⅸ、Model definition

 XMT    9007-8     ⑴      ⑵       (3)

(1)The exterior size and hole size(mm):

None: 160×80×120,  152×76;   A: 96×96×110,  92×92;   D: 72×72×110,   68×68;       

E: 48×96×110,   44×92;   F: 96×48×110,   92×44;   S: 80×160×120,   76×152

(2)9007-8:serial number, double row LED temperature and humidity show

(3)suffix: K:Communication function;        WT:Print function

 A:SCR zero-crossing trigger output    G:Solid state relay trigger output


1、If it is found all parameters can not be modified, please check the parameter of “LOCK” is set correctly.

2、Please define the sensor input type, if choose dual- PT100 measuring temperature and humidity, you do not connect high molecular sensor; if choose high molecular sensor, then do not connect the humidity PT100, and keep in mind that sensor models and parameter “Sn” set match.

3、When the humidity display “100.0″ or temperature display “HH”, you check the sensor wiring connection is correct, the sensor is intact.

4、When the humidity display “100.0″ or temperature display “HH”, the instrument control output is full-stop.

Attached 1:Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter


Note: Our company will continue to improve product technology, design specification. If change, please subject to the material object, without notice.