XMT-JK208 Series Multi Way Intelligent Temperature Controller

XMT*JK two-way series temperature controller

Instruction manual


XMT*JK series two-way temperature controller can connect two sensors synchronously and conveniently, diminish the instrument’s volume. It has a separate auto-tune mode and PID parameter function with more precision and more reliability in whole machine control.  

Ⅱ、Primary technical standard:

1、Input signal: CU50(-50.0~150.0℃)、Pt100(-19.9~600.0℃)、K(0~1300℃)、


2、Accuracy: ±0.5%F.S±byte

3、Output  method:  relay  AC220V  3A(resistance load)

4、control mode: difference control-on/off and PID control

5、Input power: AC85~242V   50/60Hz

6、Environment Temperature: 0 to 50℃,  Humidity: ≤85%RH

7、Face Size: 160×80×110 mm      Hole Size : 152×76 mm

96×96×110 mm       Hole Size : 92×92 mm

72×72×110 mm       Hole Size :68×68 mm

Ⅲ、Panel board instruction(consult)


Ⅳ、connection scheme(consult)


Ⅴ、Code setting mode

1 2 3 4

Ⅵ、Technical indexes

1.Accurately connect uires according as connect indicator,power on.

2.Press ‘SET key’ for 3 seconds,enter into first menu.then the channel measure value window display parameter and the channel setting window display paraneter value,you can adjust these parameters value by poressing ‘▲’、‘▼’、‘◄’、and save the setting by press ‘function key ’,every parameter should be saved after setting ,then enter next parameter set.

3.You can press ‘CH1’、‘CH2’ for 3 seconds to enter into second menu .After finished one parameter set,press ‘SET’ to save it,then enter into next parameter set .

Ⅶ、Setting itself

The meter use in the first time or the surroundings have changer, finding it control not good, in this time you need use the setting itself. For example:The first set the AT=1,A-M light flickered, the meter enter into setting itself, press the SET key enter into parameter setting. Set the Hy is 0.5~1℃, if the output is relay set the t=2S, the meter have three times vibrate, automatic preserved P, I, D parameter and the A-M light off, the setting itself finish.

Ⅷ、Fault Analysis and Clearance

XMT*JK208 series adopt advanced production process, and have the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it, and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 7-1 is the usual fault of XMT*JK208 series  in the daily application:          

Sheet8-1 Common fault disposal


Remark:Our company will improve product technology, design and specification, it is confirm to the object.

Attached 1:Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter