XMZ-J16 Multi Way Intelligent Temperature Itinerant Detecting Controller

XMZ*-J series all-purpose input temperature patrol measure

Instruction manual(Extension communication ,micro-printer interface)


XMZ*-J series all-purpose input temperature patrol measure meter is a intelligent meter which adopt computer technology . the meter adopt two row LED, and at the same time distinguish display test temperature value and the present passage ,can use by automatic or manual to carry out tour test , and each passage have relative indicate light .It has computer RS485 serial-port communication ,or timed print.

Ⅱ、Main Technical Indexes:

1、 Accuracy:±0.5%F·S±1B

2、Input signal: K   E    J  R  S  Pt100   Cu50

3、Temperature:K(-30~1300℃)E(-30~800℃)J(-30~1000℃)R(-30.0~1700.0℃)  S(0~1600℃) Pt100(-200.0~600℃)     Cu50(-50.0~150.0℃)

4、Passage quantity:at most 16

5、Alarm relay contact capacity:220V 5A(resistance)

6、External dimension and installation hole(mm):XMZ-J   160×80×120     156×76  XMZA-J   96×96×110      92×92

6、Working power:AC220V±10%  50HZ power consumption is less than 5W

7、Normal working condition :temperature 0~50℃,relative humidity 35%~85%,without corrode gas.

Ⅲ、Meaning of the model code

The meter is a all-purpose patrol measure meter for 1-16way,it is set when it is leaving the factory         XMZ□- J  □  □  8  □  1     2   3   4  5

“1”:the surface dimension (mm):A:96×96×110  Installation hole:92×92     Blank:160×80×120  Installation hole:152×76

“2”:Channel number:for example‘16’as 16 channels,‘8’as 8 channels.

“3”:Alarm definition:‘0’no alarm,‘1’upper limit alarm,‘2’lower limit alarm,‘3’upper and lower limit alarm

“4”:Input signal:‘8’kinds of signal input

“5”:Suffix:‘WT’ with miniature printer,‘K’ with 485 communication model ‘Blank’ not have this function.

Ⅳ、The surface of meter’s disposal (for reference)



1、At normal use ,upper row window display current measure temperature value ,lower row window display current passage , when setting parameter ,lower row display parameter symbol ,upper row display setting value .

2、Press SET 3s to enter into parameter menu(refer to sheet 6-1),press▼or▲ can set the meter at regular range ,long time to press▼ or▲ can achieve quickly constant decrease or increase .;Press SET&▼can exit menu in the midway.

3、Patrol measure channel fixed point measurement (manual patrol measurement):

The customer can fixed point measure one patrol measure channel,under automatic patrol measure state,press▼for more than 3s,enter fixed point measurement state,the controller stop automatic patrol measurement,adjust▼ or ▲ to select fixed point channel,press SET can return automatic patrol measurement state;

4、Patrol measure alarm:

A、When any channel occurs upper limit alarm,this channel’s indicator light flickers,the upper limit alarm attracting,and its indicator flickers;

B、When any channel occurs lower limit alarm,this channel’s indicator light flickers,the lower limit alarm attracting,and its indicator flickers.

5、Print function time parameter setting(this operation only be existed when the controller with print function) :

Press SET&▼、▲simultaneously to enter into print function setting.

6、Basic parameter setting

Sheet 6-1

1 2
7、operate flow


Ⅵ、Connection(for reference):


Above connection only be for reference, details should be confirm to the cases connection.

Ⅶ、Fault Analysis

XMZ*J adopt advanced production process, and have the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it,and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 7-1 is the usual fault of XMZ*J in the daily application:

Sheet7-1 Common fault disposal


Attached 1:Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter