ZW Series Three Phase Multi function Panel Meter


ZW Series Three-Phase Multi-function Panel Meter are LED display,gentle touch switch setting. They are a type of intelligent three-phase multi-function electric parameter monitoring meter with all the function of three-phase current programmable, automatic measurement, electric energy accumulation kilowatt hour meter, and RS485 digital communication. They transform the current, voltage and frequency of three-phase alternating current electric quantity into normalized digital quantity .They combine many function of digitalization 、intelligential 、networking,make the measurement process and data analysis automatic,reduce human error,they are ideal product compose electrical automatic system. They are widely used in the electric device, automatic control and scheduling system of the area of electric power, post, petrifaction, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal , intelligent building.

Ⅱ、Main Technical Indexes

1. Signal input method:Floating input;

2. Range: 

Current: directness input 0~5A ,and you can be suitable match with any current mutual inductance, display range 0~9999;

 Voltage:AC 0~500V     Frequency:0~99.9Hz;

3. Basic error:   

current(A):±0.5%F·S       Voltage(V):±0.5%F·S   Frequency(Hz):±0.1 F·S

4. Sampling period:about 1 times/second ;  

5. The whole power consumption:< 4VA ;          

6. Input impedance:Voltage terminal about 600kΩ;Current terminal < 10mΩ

7. The whole weight: about 430g ; 

8.External dimensions and Installation hole(mm):96(length)*96(width)*110(depth)    92*92

9. Working power: AC110~242V,50/60Hz

10. Working environment: temperature:(0~50)℃;humidity:≤85%RH;

Ⅲ、Panel and connection description(for reference)







To avoid parameter test exceed range, it should insure the measured parameter  satisfy with the range. Please confirm the required working power. Unsuited working power will make the meter damaged.

1、Make the meter link with wire according to the chart, and make the power on, the meter starts testing itself, and this process lasts for 1S.

2、Inner parameter sheet


3、In the parameter setting state,window A display current parameter symbol,window B display current setting data.

4、Inner parameter setting (parameter definition refer to parameter sheet)

Press SET for 3s to enter into inner parameter setting state,press ▲、▼can modify parameter value ,press SET to save and enter into the next parameter setting,exit till the setting finished. If within 10 seconds do not press a key then automatically save and exit. 


Input when the meter display 0,and the current and voltage don’t return to zero, synchronously press “RST(A、B、C、U)”+ “▼” to do zeroing(please carefully use this function, it forbid using this function when in the measurement state, or it will affect accuracy of the measurement.)


5、Panel symbol description:The panel of ZW series Three-Phase Multi-function Panel

 Meter can use the following symbol, please refer to it.

Character meaning :


Ⅴ、Function expand

ZW series can provide expand function according to the client’s requirement,it is convenient for client to expand its intelligent characteristic,provide the flexibility of test and control,detailed expand requirement should be described in the order requirement.

1. RS-485 data communication: Isolated RS-485 multimachine communication,it adopt industrial standard MODBUS stipulations of an agreement RTU mode.

2. Relay alarm output: over-limiting decision testing data, and output contact switching signal,so as to make the extensible control convenient.

3.Analog quantity output (0~5 V or 1~10 V or 4~20 mA or0~20mA): Synchronous  output the change of special data.

4. Electric energy reckoning:can add and save the electric energy value, can use as common three-phase four-wire power kilowatt hour meter,provide peak valley measurement.

5.Real time power display:Real time average power measure display

Ⅵ、Fault Analysis and Clearance

The meter adopt advanced production process, and have the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it, and contact with the agent or us.Sheet2 is the usual fault of meter in the daily application::




Attached1:Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter


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